About Evolution Body Piercing

At Evolution, our motto is “Setting a Higher Standard”, and we strive for that each day with each decision we make and each client we interact with. Since opening in 1999, we have been Albuquerque’s only studio dedicated solely to the art of body piercing. We are Albuquerque’s first members of the Association of Professional Piercers, and we continue to set ourselves apart by offering the highest quality jewelry and safe, accurate procedures performed by highly skilled piercers. We serve a vastly diverse clientele and remain dedicated to maintaining a positive and welcoming environment and to offering guidance through each client’s individual piercing experience.

Evolution Sterilization Procedures

At Evolution, all needles used for piercing are sterile and single use. All jewelry and instruments used for piercing are properly disinfected and sterilized in an autoclave prior to use. These items will either be opened from sealed sterile pouches or sterilized in a Statim autoclave in your presence (Statim cycles will include an integrator strip so you can see that sterilization has occurred). All of our autoclaves are spore tested weekly by an independent laboratory to ensure that they are in proper working order. Spore test results and sharps/medical waste disposal records are kept on site and available for viewing upon request.