Noah Babcock, Head Piercer

Ev_Noah2My life thus far has been one encompassed by a love for all forms of art. From music to painting to sculpture, most significant members of my family are heavily involved in some type of artistic expression. I too have always been involved in many different kinds of art, however little of what I did seemed like it had any substantial effect on people. Obviously most art invokes emotion of some sort, however it seemed to me that a very small portion of it would truly change peoples lives. Therefore, I began pondering ways in which my art could change people’s lives for the better. The obvious solution to this became immediately apparent: body art. To permanently alter a person’s appearance, whether it be a little or a lot, and at the same time have this alteration improve that persons self-confidence, and set them apart from the status quo. Body piercing was something that had intrigued me ever since I was a child, and so I began researching it further. As I learned more about it’s history, practices, and procedures, I decided that it was my place in the world to become a part of this ancient and beautiful practice.

I began piercing in 1995, after extensive research into the subject, and landed a job piercing at a local studio. It was not long after I started piercing that I realized I needed a more in depth education pertaining to all aspects of the industry. I began networking with other piercers, healthcare professionals, even a local reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon (who shall remain nameless, but to whom I owe a huge debt of gratitude) in order to expand my knowledge of cross contamination, sterilization procedures, anatomy, and much more. I worked in a couple of what I now perceive as mediocre studios until September of 1999 when I was hired at Evolution, Inc., and I feel that my all around abilities as a piercer have expanded exponentially since then.

Working for Evolution has not only expanded my knowledge in relation to the piercing industry as a whole, but it has also expanded my knowledge of my own spirituality, and how the practice of piercing can alter and enhance my clients spirituality as well. As a piercer I do not only give people piercings, but I like to think that I also open their eyes to a new sensation, angle of perception, and concept of themselves.

My profession as a body piercer is one that I am very proud of and have the utmost respect for. This is not a typical job, and certainly cannot be viewed as such. People of all types and all backgrounds trust me with their bodies every single day and that is a huge responsibility that should always be respected, and never underestimated.


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