Bethany Day, Piercer

Ev_BethanyI have had a passion for modification for as long as I can remember. Growing up the only girl with younger brothers didn’t leave much room for me to be outside the box (so to speak). I was told no when I asked to have my navel pierced when I was 16, and again at 17, the answer was always “when you are 18, out of the house, and paying your own bills”. In rebellion of my parents I began to stick larger rings into my earlobe piercings, this simple act of stretching my piercings made me feel for the first time ever like I was myself. After graduation and turning 18 my dreams of modifying myself became a reality. Despite my conservative family I saved up my own money, did my research, and got my very first tattoo. Even though it was small it was symbolic to me in so many ways. From that day on I began to modify my body into an image that made me feel strong, beautiful, and more than anything else it made me feel like myself. Every time I added a new piercing I would feel empowered and beautiful, and each one added to my growing love of all things body piercing.

From the first time I walked into Evolution I knew that it was different, and from the moment that I was first pierced here I knew I would never again go back to what I now see as a less than par shop. Not only was the staff incredibly knowledgeable but they were kind and open to anyone who walked through the door. So the second I got the email that they were hiring, I was at the door resume and application in hand ready to go, and in September of 2012 my goal of working in one of the top studios
in the nation became a reality.

Working with such an amazing group of people has not only deepened my respect for this industry but lead me to a very powerful understanding of what it means to alter your body. For some a piercing is nothing more than a piece of metal, but for others it is a deep grounding of positive self image, and that beautiful moment is what makes me strive to make each and every experience at Evolution truly amazing.

After starting as Counter Intelligence, working in the position of Assistant Manager, and now being given the incredible opportunity to become an Apprentice Piercer I am ecstatic to be able to continue my education and be able to pass on my love for this industry to each and every client I work with. I am thankful each and every day for what Evolution has taught me. I have learned and grown up with this crew and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of talented and hard working peers.