At Evolution Body Piercing, our number one priority is for you to get a great piercing/jewelry you love, performed properly by a trained professional while in a safe and clean environment. Since 1999, we have worked hard to empower our wonderful clientele with knowledge that will help them have the best possible visit while in our studio. There is far more than meets the eye when it comes to maintaining a clean workspace fit to perform the many types of piercings that we provide, and achieving the ideal piercing experience requires both piercer and client to be on the same page. Below, you will find information for your safety, health and overall comfort that we hope will be helpful for you and prepare you for your next trip to Evolution Body Piercing!

walk-ins and appointments

We welcome walk-ins up to an hour before close, so no appointment is needed! Our multiple staff members work swiftly and safely so there is seldom a long wait, even when our lobby appears full.

Since we do occasionally experience extended wait times for walk-ins, we are now accepting appointments as well! If you are on a tight schedule or simply prefer not to risk the possibly having to wait, you can skip the line by requesting an appointment!


Anyone getting pierced or having jewelry inserted into a piercing must provide proof of age and identification. This includes minors who are accompanied by a parent! Please read our Age/ID Requirements page for more information on what is needed:

Eat Before Coming In

We encourage everyone who wishes to be pierced not to do so on an empty stomach. Coming in within 4 hours of your last meal will greatly decrease the chance you could become lightheaded or nauseated at any point before, during, or after the procedure.

safe handling of jewelry

  • While in the studio, please do not touch/handle/remove your jewelry for any reason. We understand that a lot of people don’t mean to or may not even realize they are doing so, but by touching your jewelry while in the studio, any germs that may be on you will spread to any surface or object you come into contact with, just like how bacteria from other individuals who were touching their jewelry while in our studio before you could potentially come into contact with you. While our staff takes exhaustive measures to maintain a clean, sanitary environment, by not touching your jewelry, you are helping us eliminate the potential for cross-contamination and the spread of germs. If you need any assistance removing your jewelry, one of our licensed piercers will be happy to assist you.

  • When coming in with jewelry you have previously worn, please bring it in some sort of clean container or baggie. It is vital that we do not have previously-worn jewelry come into contact with any surface, case or person in our studio for the same reasons outlined in point one. If you do not have a container, please notify one of our staff so they can properly assist you with getting your jewelry into a safe container while providing you some hand sanitizer.

  • We also ask that when visiting Evolution Body Piercing, that you do not touch any of the jewelry that one of our staff has removed from the case to show you. Our staff will be more than happy to assist you with getting a closer look at any of our jewelry options and will be ready to help you determine if a specific piece will be the best fit for you.


One of the most important priorities for us at Evolution Body Piercing is to do our best to be on the same page with not only our clientele, but with the people that accompany them to their piercing procedures. When attending a piercing, we ask all clientele and anyone with them to be mindful of their environment, and don’t do anything to disrupt our piercers/staff. We love it when groups of people come in to our studio excited about getting pierced! We just don’t want that excitement to negatively affect our other clientele or our piercers as they concentrate on getting you the best possible piercing with the jewelry you picked out.

cell phone usage

If you or someone accompanying you needs to take a call, please make sure to do so before one of our piercers takes you back to the procedure room. We also ask that any ringtones be silenced during the piercing as well. If you would like to take a picture/video of the piercing procedure, please inform your piercer and they will let you know what they are personally comfortable with. 


If you have children with you, we are certainly happy to have them in the studio as Evolution is a family-friendly environment, we just ask that you make sure they are supervised at all times both while at the counter and back in the procedure room.


Body Modification is one of the industries where tipping is by no means required, but is generally encouraged. There is no “industry standard” as far as what percentage you tip, but comes down to what you feel like the service is worth. Remember, how well your visit to our studio goes is heavily based on how our staff treated you and how well your piercing was performed. While our piercers never expect tips, they always feel deeply grateful whenever anyone wants to!


We just ask that anyone who wants us to pierce them or put jewelry in a healed piercing utilize good hygiene as a courtesy to our staff. 


We ask that anyone who walks through our doors to get a piercing will do so while they are sober. Alcohol and drug usage prior to a piercing procedure can have many varying affects on the piercing and the subsequent aftercare, and if one of our staff suspects you of being under the influence, they will ask you to return once you are in a better state to be pierced.

feeling “funny”

If you begin to feel faint/nauseous or just “off” during or after a piercing procedure, please let your piercer know immediately. All of our staff are certified in first aid/CPR and Bloodborne pathogens and are trained to assist our clientele in these situations. 

ask questions!

When you come in, please feel free to ask our staff questions! At Evolution, we believe it is one of our duties to impart information to anyone who walks through the door so that they can be empowered with knowledge. We want to get you a piercing that you love and feel confident about going into, so we welcome any questions you have regarding how and why or why we don’t do piercings a certain way, what our jewelry is made of, Etc. We take great pride in our clientele both new and old, and love sharing things we have learned through years of studying, training and first-hand experience.