frequently asked questions

Do you do ear piercings on infants/children?

We do offer ear piercing on children who are old enough to request and consent to the piercing, and understand how to care for them while they are healing. For legal reasons, we do need proof that a minor’s parent or legal guardian is there to sign the release form- so please click “MINORS- ID REQUIREMENTS” on the menu bar for a full list of age and ID requirements.

Can I bring my own jewelry to be pierced with?

As licensed piercers, we are required by law to keep information including the manufacturer and metal certification (mill certificates showing steel or titanium jewelry to meet the ASTM or ISO qualifications for implant-grade materials) on file for anything we put in a new piercing. For that reason, we can only use jewelry that has been purchased from us unless we can obtain a receipt for the purchase accompanied by copies of the manufacturer’s invoice and the required metal certifications. It is important to know that jewelry marked “surgical steel” is often not implant grade, as it is a marketing term and can be written on anything.

There are a couple of things you need to be aware of if we are going to be able to do a piercing using your previously worn jewelry that was purchased here.

  1. By law we have to record the manufacturer of all jewelry we use in a new piercing, so in the absence of a receipt we will need to be able to find in our records when the jewelry was purchased so we can record that information. We have computer records dating back to 2002, so as long as it was purchased after then and you filled out a release form to have it inserted into a new or healed piercing (as opposed to purchasing it to insert yourself without us logging your name) this should not be a problem.

  2. The jewelry will need to be inspected for any damage or defects, and must be the appropriate style and size for the placement of your new piercing.

  3. Your jewelry will need to be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner and then sterilized in an autoclave before use. If you drop your jewelry off at least 3 days before you want to be pierced there is no fee for this. If you need to have it done the same day you want to be pierced it can take 1 or 2 hours and there is a $15 sterilization fee.

Will people with metal allergies react to body jewelry?

Many people have allergies to certain metals, but the good news is that there are many jewelry options that work for even those who have very severe sensitivities! At Evolution, all steel and titanium body jewelry is implant-grade and we keep metal certifications and mill certificates on file to verify that (this designation sets it apart from “surgical steel” which is a marketing term and can be written on anything). We also carry 14k gold and niobium, and we can special order 18k gold or platinum. Allergic reactions to some of these materials do exist, however they are extremely rare. Please stop by the studio to speak with one of our piercers about your history with metal allergies and see what options are available for you!

What do you charge to change jewelry? 

When you purchase new jewelry at Evolution, there is no charge to have it inserted at that time. If you would like us to change your jewelry on days you are not making a purchase, or insert jewelry that was purchased elsewhere, there is only a small insertion fee to appropriately prepare the jewelry, and for the sterilization of any tools and supplies used in the process.

What do you charge to remove jewelry or surface anchors? 

If your piercing was performed by us there is no charge to have it removed. If you would like us to remove jewelry or anchors that were performed elsewhere there is a $5 fee to cover the sterilization of any tools and supplies used in the process.


Can I be pierced with clear jewelry to hide a new piercing?

Unfortunately, most piercings would need to be healed before any of the clear or very discreet options would be safe to wear. The septum would be the exception to that, as we can fit jewelry to be shown or hidden during the healing process. If you are interested in a discreet piercing, the best thing would be to come in and speak with a piercer who can show you what options would be available for an initial piercing, as well as what you could wear once your piercing was healed.


Do you offer discounts on multiple piercings?

We don’t generally have specials on piercings, but we currently offer $10 off the piercing fees for additional piercings (after the first) when a client has multiple piercings done in one sitting.

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Do you sell gift cards?

We do sell gift cards in any amount you desire!


Do you use a piercing gun?

As licensed body art professionals and members of the Association of Professional Piercers, we do not use ear piercing guns for any procedures. Learn more about the dangers of piercing guns and why we don’t use them here:

Do you offer daith piercings for migraine relief?

We do a great deal of daith piercings at Evolution, but as licensed piercers we only do piercings for reasons of aesthetics. Claiming we are curing ailments of any kind could be construed as practicing medicine, and we are not doctors. We perform piercings because we believe they are a beautiful way to adorn the body, and any other benefits our clients may receive are simply a happy bonus!


Do you offer cheek piercings? 

We do not offer traditional cheek piercings past the molars that would pass entirely through the cheek, however we do offer single point piercings in a placement that will give you a similar appearance while removing the majority of the risks involved in traditional placement. To learn more about risks and reasons we don’t offer cheek piercings, read Elayne Angel’s story here:


Do you offer apprenticeships?

We don’t currently offer apprenticeships at Evolution unless we have a position available in our studio for a beginning piercer, and in those cases we always promote from within. This means that in order to be eligible for an apprenticeship one would have to already be an established member of our staff at a time when we are ready to take on another apprentice, and also be the most qualified for the position if more than one staff member is applying for the promotion.

Unlike many studios we have never charged for an apprenticeship or required anyone to work for free in exchange for training. Our apprentices are employees with a base salary plus tips and benefits, and are expected to be long-term members of our staff. Be wary of anyone who offers an apprenticeship in exchange for a fee, as there have been reported incidents of body art practitioners in New Mexico taking people’s money but not giving them the training they needed to obtain licensure. New Mexico currently requires a properly documented, 1400 hour apprenticeship served one-on-one under an approved sponsor who has been licensed for 5 years and had their curriculum approved by the Board of Body Art Practitioners.